Festive and Fun Christmas Gift Basket


Our 'Festive and Fun' Christmas gift basket is overflowing with a select collection of tasty holiday offerings. Artfully arranged inside this beautiful lacquered red metal bucket they will be pleased to discover a variety of gourmet seasonal treats and sweets, including sugar cinnamon crispy pastry, hand made Belgian chocolate covered sponge toffee, pepper jack cheese, wine crackers, holiday blend coffee, apple chips, stuffed green olives, hand dipped and sprinkled chocolate licorice, chocolate chip cookies, cheese crisps, and cranberry trail mix. This fun and festive Christmas gift basket is sure to please anyone on your list, and can be shipped quickly and easily nation wide from Gift Baskets 4U.

Measurements in inches (approx.): n/a

If you are buying this gift basket for yourself, you don't need to fill out Recipient info and messsage on card.

  • chocolate chip cookies
  • sugar cinnamon crispy pastry
  • hand dipped and sprinkled chocolate licorice
  • Belgian chocolate covered sponge toffee
  • holiday blend coffee
  • stuffed green olives
  • cheese crisps
  • pepper jack cheese
  • apple chips
  • cranberry trail mix
  • wine crackers
  • beautiful lacquered red metal bucket